Feel the Cloud..!!

Cloud Computing :

These two words have been in the bulletin for the past two years and gained a mammoth attention from the technology lovers. Here ,in this I will not only tell what it is but also would let you know that how it can be used in real life scenario and can be used to dissolve problems and act as a purifying agent . There is a buzz around this but do you actually know why it is , why the geeks are so much eager to know  about this and how it can be brought on their finger tips . Come let’s discover it.

                   There are two ways to see this

1.Developer’s view  2.User’s view

First let’s talk about developers side as being a one :-Just imagine “You are an amateur and want to gain name and fame around every corner and dream to stand next to oprah and the queen” for that you need a platform to outcast your talents. So what could be better than cloud which is present everywhere and you have access to it  24*7*365 looks like a big figure. Ok let’s dive in wear your oxygen masks.

As a developer my main motive is to publish more and more and more apps in marketplace and earn my bread and butter from that .So cloud computing enables this feature for me as with a few clicks on my local computer I can monetize my apps. Many slew providers provides this feature some of them are google, salesforce, amazon and many more to list upon. Wait a second are we forgetting something oh yes ! who can forget the topgun the MICROSOFT itself . A very new product Windows azure with full fledged feature enables this for me .Windows azure enables developer’s to publish their apps on marketplace with no burden on them as the way to do it is simple as to Redmond from St.Cleveland .So here we will not go into depth of this .

What a developer need more than this that how quickly his self made apps get’s published into marketplace. The platform of Windows azure is interoperable i.e. if a developer works on php and another on ruby on rails they can also harness the honey easily that is the best attribute for azure. The best feature which I like. This is a boon for many of  the developer’s. No one is kept aside the league. “Cloud as a metaphor to computing” rightly said. The 3 E’s prevail here for everyone, everywhere, everytime. Nothing could be better than this. So this was on the developer’s side.


Now let’s switch on to user’s view. How user will get benefit from this or why they should move on to cloud? What’s in the store for them? So to answer this query developer’s gave birth to 3 S’s : 1. Saas  2.Paas 3. Iaas

Saas : Software as a service helps every user around every corner of world to use software on there demand. When customer set up an enterprise they require large amount of software for development and setting up trademark and for this they need to buy softwares and what if during development phase they realize they don’t require some of them. So how would you feel when you buy so costly softwares and midway your developer say’s he doesn’t require those,  for me the sky will fall on me. So to eradicate this problem the cloud developer’s allowed user’s to use those softwares which they require and when the job is done  they give back those resources. The vision is here to pay for what you are using. Just as pizza delivery you have to pay for what you have ordered. In case you don’t like the order just cancel it and you will not be charged for it. That’s the best part I suppose.

Paas : Platform as a service. Whatever you are comfortable with use that platform whether it’s java, .net, c++, any of them. Similar as if you don’t want to spend the summer vacations at hawai just abort it make it to maui you will get all the services. The cloud developer’s intend to develop platform independency which they succeed completely.

Iaas : Infrastructure as a service. When new enterpreneurs come into market they want to setup their business so to do that hey need servers to host apps on web and the most important they have to hire IT pro’s to look after the things which costs them directly to their pockets as large sum of money is consumed in this part. So cloud computing relieved from this burden. As simple as that when your uncle is getting married you hire a marriage garden you don’t go out and buy a new one. So this is if you need 5 server just hire them and when you don’t need them return them.  Yes this is what cloud computing does for it’s user’s. Amazing


So this was a brief about what cloud computing is now how I am going to use it in eradicating problems in my circle of life for better society. Every services which we are using comes under cloud so to make specific how I am going to use it let me tell you a scenario :-

As I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in IT from TIT, Bhopal which is affiliated to RGPV university and there are approx 80 such colleges in which there are 1.80 lakhs students enrolled so when results are to be announced a huge traffic creates over the network and the students have to wait for a long time to see the results  for their hardwork . In some cases upto 1 or 2 days. So I thought why not we should use cloud computing to eradicate this problem as this is a seasonal problem. What could be better than this. Now the question arises how to implement this. The university can appoint this responsibility to few colleges which has good lab strength. As the university can provide host services to the students of many/all colleges as the domain name of the college can be provided instead of main site. In this way the traffic will be distributed and the request can be granted in the fruitfull way.

Internal working : Previously  when only the system of university were hosting the services it was very difficult to grant all the request at a particular interval of time. In that case unwanted deadlock will occur in the topology so now adopting or moving to cloud this problem is completely eradicated as term suggests “scale up and scale down“ . As when the results are to be announced the university will hire the servers of few colleges and the results will be deployed on the cloud instead of local network. In this way the pressure of serving all the request at one time is swayed away completely and after few weeks those servers will be returned to colleges for their use. By doing this we can implement the concept of cloud computing which makes our life simpler and easier


So I would like to end my view on how to use cloud computing for the welfare of society by a quote:     “ Why to buy services when you can hire one”.



~ GAURAV DEY                     








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