Al-jabr | Reunion of broken hearts.

Let me tell you a story… first he loved then promised and then he left. Now living his own life, and you’ve been wasting too much time on things that are far left behind. Crazy isn’t it? Intense right? A weekend lover.

This prelude was important and I understand that your heart is broken and there is a tornado within, that you borrowed from the ocean. You carried that all the way and went into the city hoping that you could share it with him. You wandered looking for him but to your surprise he already made home, the door was yet open but still, you knocked. And when you gazed through the malady there was a storm that wanted to come out of your eyes but you closed them to not break his sleep. Now with the setting sun and storms within, you went back to the ocean hoping to return the tornado and there I stood, a day late and a dollar short, gazing the ocean amused by its calmness.

Last October, when you wrote him a letter stating the obvious ILY (all caps!) and that he is the only angel that can take you to paradise. He flew away from your reach and every other word that you wrote was more than he could take. And it’s late in December you are still on read. In this era of post heartbreak phenomenon, it was easy for you to come to a conclusion you desired and the learnings from his devilish tricks helped you build a wall, tall brick by brick. 

Of the many games he played, your love was the one he won. And for me, yes the water dried but the riverside can tell the story where life was wine and dine, festive until sunshine, an oasis of dreams where a sip of wish was a true luxury but was lost like the ones in hazy memory. Now that they are somebody we used to know. I hope of finding new love as it will help the pain fade and as they say nothing is stronger than a broken heart rebuilding itself. Also I have heard rumours that love sometime breaks your heart only to piece it back together stronger than before. The vaccum love has created can only be filled with love.

While it seems love did yield you something and it wasn’t a waste completely because now you know how the wheels of time spun and betrayal was the gift that you didn’t see wrapped in a box with tulips. Love with all its gifts, missed paying your heart a visit and you clinged onto love like the bird on a branch. While those who had their share, knew to care and so they did, rightly. This sparked a domino effect making you suffer, your suffering made you bitter, bitterness made you resentful and your resentment made you vengeful.

You said you don’t want a lover and my heart endured a bad romance. That first burst of love pushed you to the edge and now to jump or not is your decision. But before taking that decision turn around and look at the delights – the sun and how it can cast shadow behind your back, the moon and how it passes all the dark phases and still shine brighter, rain and the life it brings to flora and fauna. Let’s embrace the tiny bit of hope. We will do fine and shall be wind to each other chimes.

All that you have ever dreamed off and the magic story that you have been told. I can’t give you all but I can scout for a sun with rainbow and we will brave the tornadoes. Your broken heart defied all you knew about love. Dream with me where we fall in love again, hold onto me, and in the deep darkest night I will hold on until the morning will follow. Take my word for it, of love we both should admit.

And yes I am always there for you, remember. Love in December.

yes, we had our first love in another dimension
but in this life it’s not worth a mention,
you hand stitched dreams of silk and embroidered them with gold
his knife was swift to cut the silk and gold was easily sold,
cold outside, alone inside
love doesn’t blossom overnight,
love bestowed shall reach all it’s parts
until then, let’s have reunion of broken hearts…

~Gaurav Dey

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Unspoken Stuff
    Oct 19, 2020 @ 01:16:37

    Gaurav, I am out of words brother. Totally completely blown away and feel scattered right now in pieces. I think you painted out my experience and pain. I am deeply deeply attached to this piece now. Damn. I am out of words. Where are you from?


  2. Unspoken Stuff
    Oct 19, 2020 @ 01:18:11

    I am going to share this with many friends who will be healed indefinitely by reading this. Thank you so much for writing this overwhelming piece.


  3. Gaurav Dey
    Oct 19, 2020 @ 06:35:51

    Thanks mate. Your feedback means a lot 🙂
    I will be glad if this post will help them also to heal, my job as writer will be done.


  4. R.B
    Oct 19, 2020 @ 10:44:23


    This is ♥️. I think everyone of us would relate to each and every word written out there. And the sequence of events.. who would relate better?


    Keep writing. Much love


  5. kvqxrfaxal
    Mar 22, 2021 @ 03:34:37

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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