Let’s go in flashback .When INDIA was a raw country,unsocialized under mughal’s reign . More precisely I should say our country was called “sone ki chidiyaan”(golden bird) . Then came the historic day 12’aug 1757 .On this day the sunshine and the waves were not alone to reach the indian sea shores it got the company of britishers with them highly civilized, top class people in accordance with the farmers of india who had no idea what this day meant for them. Trade and commerce was the intension behind the tour and also the development. The development to nowhere but somewhere .As the fever of urbanization gripped the britisher’s .They desperately wanted to spread their business and cultures around the globe. On 12’aug 1765 they issued legal rights from mughal emperor’s to collect taxes from Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. That was the day when we purchased slavery or were intended  to do so .

Statistically, we got independence on 15 ‘aug 1947 . But today in 21st century  we are still slaves just the scenario has changed. More than 53% of India’s growth depends upon outsourcing ,foreign investments and many more factors to be enlisted . We were slaves. We are slaves and we will remain slaves unless and until we walk out the door and do something . “Man power” as we all know plays a major role in development in any context . But are they really  concerned what freedom means to them? How our freedom fighters fought until their last breath at our age they were hanged till death (message should be noticed here) that they were ready to pay any price for their and now ours freedom .

Writing this post a song recoiled in my headkar chale hum fida jaano tan saathiyo ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo” . A masterpiece. The nation our INDIA is in my hands your hands. We should know how to value it . But are we ? We are much worried about the changes made in facebook (chat slider) not functioning properly,proposals being refused and many more issuses .But some were down the line we are digging our graves not only for peace,prosperity but of our community ,religion and humanity .

Hum honge kaamyaab ek din man me hai vishwass pura hai vishwaas hum honge kaamyaab ek din”.

Sure the lokpal won’t alone wipe out corruption from the face of India but it will lead us somewhere. Rs.910603234300000 sum of money wasted on scams after independence (now must have exceded) .

I feel ashamed of writing this as a common man witnessing this hurts . Govt. of india is facing testing times it will be arrogance and stupidity to reject the voice raised by Anna Hazare. The man is giving us the golden opportunity to fight for our country, for ourself and for our children .So do a bit . Everything’s possible afterall

des mera rangrez ye babu ghat-ghat yahan ghatta jaadu ”.

Incredible India .

Happy independence day old chaps .