10 years from now if you folks are not in China then you are mummified and will be exported to pyramids of Egypt where definitely you will be featured on shows of Dr. Hawass <Chasing Mummies> anyhow you will be able to visit one of the wonders of the world. But seriously China is a nation that must be visited whether you learn alphabets or devanagari that doesn’t matter but you should visit there.¬†Being an Indian a clinche is very famous in our nation :-

“Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”. <Indians and Chineese are brothers>

But I want to ask you readers/bloggers on what grounds does this hold true. Issues on Tibet, Dalai Lama, rope pulling on Mac Mohan line, setting up of naval bases strongly oppose the saying.

But being an optimist person and a blogger too there are things that big brother can do to strengthen BRICS. Afterall they are the pro’s in building walls which can be seen even from the outer space, you might have got that. There are loads of milestones/feats achieved by our brother.
<if you consider them>

Ann and Natasha aka Sasha when they must be buying toys from the toy store and when Mr. Barack Obama checks the price tag <conditional> he gets dismayed by seeing <Made In China> and must be wondering 3 things:

1. Why my kids are not liking the country made toys why they are not fascinated by them.

2. Now I will not be able to play with them otherwise Mitt Romney will sue me. <unless he wins the election which does’nt seems to be impossible>.

3. I should have taken birth at Shanghai or Beijing. Then how would I’ve met Michelle, be the president etc. Who cares at least I would be safe from being ¬†featured on shows of that Doc.
Okay Obama supporters I should say Just Kiddi’n !!!

But writing this post enormous love and respect flooded my mind and not only my mind but my heart also. I mean who doesn’t want to know how the gov. controls the worlds largest population, how they hacked Google Inc.<I mean this is also an achievement>,how they are growing, building marvels one or the other day, how they can eat with those bamboo sticks ??? and many more know how’s to enlist upon…


So, I would like to summarize this post by a small one liner that my readers the ‘Silk Route’ is not a silky route to have a stroll.


~Gaurav Dey